Vocational Process

You Can Be A Capuchin

Assisi Process

In High School, under the age of 16

Living - Sports - Retreats

Vocational Process

From High School to 16 years and older

Ways To Begin The Vocational Process

Personal Work

They allow dialogue with your companion and help you to know yourself more deeply.

Apostolic Experience

The vocationists share the mission of Easter in one of the communities that the Capuchin friars attend, as can be some communities ejidal de Durango, the novitiate in Madera Chih. Or the mission of Yécora Son.


Coexistence in our convents with friars and young people, are for a weekend and every three months approximately.

Vocational Process

Process of accompaniment and discernment to those who have concerns about our way of life.

Aspirancy - Postulancy

2 years in Durango, Convent San Francisco de Asís. Fraternal Life and Charisma experience.


1 year, Convent San Fidel (Madera, Chi.) Preparation for first profession vows, an experience of prayer and fraternity.


Stage of studies as a brother or a priest.

Br. Oscar Monjaráz Villanueva , Capuchin.

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Vocations. Vocación Capuchina