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Season of  creation

Written By: Br. José Luis Villarreal Capuchin.

September is starting and to us, christians and franciscans, this means we are entering the season of creation. It is a time in which various christian confessions, our Catholic church and, even other religions remember and honor the love of God through the creation.

Most of our celebrations throughout the year last for just one day, there are some of them that remind us about the care for the creation, like the day of the Earth or the International day of the water; but this season lasts for more than a month; from September first to October fourth.

It was on September first that the orthodox patriarch Dimitrios I proclaimed in 1989 a special day of prayer for the creation. In time, many other chruches joined the initiative. The World Council of Christian Churches decided to extend the time until October fourth, the day of Saint Francis of Assisi, who is taken as a sign and example of the care and respect for creation. In 2015, Pope Francis adopted this special time to be celebrated in the Catholic Church as well.

The fact that this season of creation has an extended period of time, gives us the opportunity to organize and promote activities that show our concern and care, our desire to respect and rebuild our common home, along with all the creatures with whom we share it as brothers.

There is more; we are now in the season of creation, but we are also, according to Pope Francis in the Laudato Si’ year, as this letter is now celebrating its fifth anniversary.

This time is special, it is a gift. Do not forget to use some of it to pray for the creation; also, take advantage of all the activities that are going to be organized during this time, like festivals, prayer gatherings, courses, forums, social impacting initiatives, etc.; and, why not? you might even organize an activity in your own community according to these topics.

Remember: The care for creation will require a change in our way of life, and for this change to take place, we will need the help of everyone. The desired changes only rarely happen by themselves. Be part of us; join the movement that the franciscan family has called “Laudato Si’ Revolution”!

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