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Who We Are

Carpisma Capuchin

Brother Francis of Assisi, enlightened by divine inspiration and inflamed in ardent love of Christ, chose for himself and for his brothers the form of evangelical fraternity in poverty, minority and proposed it in the Rule with few simple words. Pope Innocent III approved this Rule and way of life of the younger brothers out loud and Pope Honorius III confirmed it on November 29, 1223 through the Bull “Solet anuere”.

Capuchin Reform

The Capuchin Minor Friars emerged from the trunk of the Friars Minor – or Franciscans – in 1525, barely 8 years after they obtained full separation and legal primacy over the Conventuals. By then the Franciscans were already tens of thousands around the world and the internal evolution and apostolic goals had led them to a new situation, very different from the humble beginnings in hermitages and small convents. It was, therefore, inevitable that someone, from within, would claim the right to observe the Rule to the letter, with all its rigor. That is what the young priest Mateo Serafini de Bascio (1495-1552) and the brothers Ludovico and Rafael de Fossombrone did.

Where We Are

The Capuchin Minor Brothers have presence in 4 northern states of the Mexican Republic Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, Nuevo León:




Nuevo León


In December of 1985 the Capuchin Franciscans arrived at the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe being the first priests Alejandro Magallanes and Guillermo Trauba, Brother Felipe Bruce and Deacon Miguel Ángel Ortiz who began missionary work and the construction of new chapels throughout the municipality. Fray David Joseph Beaumont dedicated himself to the indigenous pastoral ministry with the tribe of the Pimas since 1990, extending it to the level of the entire Diocese including the Pimas, Mayos, Yaquis and Guarijíos. In November 1996 the Capuchins accepted the request of Bishop Vicente García Bernal to assume the responsibility of the parish by appointing the Provincial Minister to Fray David as the first Capuchin Pastor.


López Mateos y Cananea
Yécora, Sonora
CP. 85780
(01623)231 90 15


The Capuchin friars were looking for a place for our novitiate. The Bishop of the Diocese of Cuauhtémoc-Madera was looking for a suitable use for the Tres Ojitos Mission in which the Augustinian Recollect brothers had worked. We foud in this place a good place to establish the novitiate, the San Fidel convent of Sigmaringen. In 1999 the Province of Our Lady of the Angels (California, USA) made a ten-year agreement with the Diocese of Cuauhtémoc-Madera for the use of the Tres Ojitos Mission for the formation of the novices and the pastoral responsibilities of the friars.


Misión Tres Ojitos, Ap. 12
Cd. Madera, Chihuahua.
CP. 31943
(045 652) 101 66 80


Our third foundation in Northern Mexico was made in 1999 in Monterrey, N.L. when the first brothers José Eduardo O Keefe, Anselmo Aguirre and Francisco Ramírez arrived, although they moved to the current convent in August 2001, which is located half a kilometer from the Monterrey Major Seminary and was opened on May 6, 2002 by the Archbishop Francisco Robles Ortega. Here is the spiritual and ministerial formation of the brothers in temporary vows and has also served in some years as a postulant.


Carretera a San Mateo km. 4.5
Cd. Benito Juárez, N.L.
CP. 67250
(01 81)82 33 19 11
(01 81) 82 33 04 64


On May 18, 2013 the Archbishop of Monterey Rogelio Cabrera handed over the parish of the Most Holy Trinity to the Franciscan Capuchin brothers because Father René (Pastor in turn) suggested to the bishop that the Capuchins could have a parish and Don Rogelio accepted. On May 18, 2013, the day of St. Felix de Cantalicio, the bishop appointed Fray Carlos Silva as parish priest. The first fraternity was formed by Fray Carlos Silva, Fray Gerardo Morgan and Fray Cesar Mario as deacons and Fray Martin as lay brother. They lived in the Padre Pio convent. In October of the same year Fray Carlos was elected as provincial of Sao Paulo, Brazil and named Brother Anderson as parochial administrator and in November of that year he took as his second pastor Friar Clezio. In February 2014, the friars went to live in the parish house as an independent house of Padre Pio on Azucena Street in the Villas de San Juan subdivision. In May 2015, the current convent of San Felix de Cantalicio, don Rogelio Cabrera, was blessed and on August 24, 2015, the new parish church was consecrated by Auxiliary Bishop Juan Talamantes. The parish counted from its beginning with 9 chapels and the parochial head and the parochial territory comprised around 23 colonies.


Calle Flor de Belén #454 Col. Villas de San Juan
Cd. Benito Juárez, Nuevo León
Tel Parish: (01 81) 88 81 60 97
Tel Convent: (01 81) 82 33 53 56
C.P: 67254


In 2009, our foundation was held in the state of Durango, with the San Francisco de Asís Convent. House destined, mainly, to the formation of the boys in the Postulancy, which is the first stage in our religious formation, with a view to embrace our evangelical life as Capuchin Franciscan friars. Team of friars who founded this house were: Jairo Lima, Seraphin Dedercik; Emmanuel Alcalá and José Armando Leyva Martínez.


Valencia #400 Fracc. Geraldine
Durango, Dgo.
CP. 34168
(01 618)191 29 94