Written by Fray Fernando Trujillo

On May 12, our brothers in the fraternity of San Fidel de Sigmaringa, in the convent of tres ojitos, had its traditional festival on the occasion of the festivities of the Patron Saint.

Celebration kicked off at 12:00 PM with the participation of the children, in search of traditional Easter eggs, a moment expected by all the children, because the joy of taking a gift is a joyous occasion. After their moment of fun we began the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, presided by Fr. Fernando Trujillo, where the most outstanding aspects in life were highlighted and the Ministry of San Fidel, and at the same time urged those present to be attentive to the voice of God who calls us each to serve in the construction of the Kingdom of God, from our own state of life.

The celebrations continued until nearly 7:00 in the evening, where visiting families, communities served by the friars including Cd. Madera, took the opportunity to savor the Mexican appetizers that were prepared for the occasion; as well as enjoy the presence of the folkloric Ballet of two recognized schools of cd. Madera and to close with a flourish, counted with the presence of the musical group Kalido, which with its live music pleased the crowd.

The Novitiate Fraternity, hereby thanks everyone that joined us in the festivities of San Fidel, as well as also a thank you to all those who in one or another way helped us in organizing our Kermes. We hope that it has been to its liking.

Capuchins of Tres Ojitos

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