Written by Fray Guillermo Trauba, OFM Cap.

Dear friends of Father Pio,

We have already entered this year 2019 blessed be God! God gives me another opportunity to improve my life and thank him and praise him. In gratitude, I want to live this year to the plenary and better than last year. But this implies to grow in several areas of my life: in charity, wisdom, happiness, and Holiness, among others. The latter, Holiness is my heritage and my future as a son of God. But how to do it? I tend to repeat the same patterns and errors of the previous year. This discourages me and frightens me.

Padre Pio is always optimistic to the future when one enjoys the company of God, even under very adverse circumstances. Hopefully we can pick up some of his optimism. He expressed the hope in the Providence of God to his spiritual daughter, Raffaelina Cerase, in his letter to her dated on August 15, 1914:

Trust in God and waiting on his fatherly kindness, that light will come. It elevates your mind to the heavenly homeland with great faith and her all our affections and all our aspirations are directed. Admire have already reached to the sky, which did not arrive there by another amino but walking the path of pain. That is our true homeland. What does it matter that we reach it only by the rough roads of the tribulation and the sacrifice? What God wants from you is always fair and good. Be eternally blessed. We put hands to work; in the sky have no other task than the fulfill the will of God. Strive in bless the Lord in the humiliations and offenses of which sign we have been made. Bless him in the tribulations of our spirit and the heart tears, because everything is ordered by two successful forecast; and this is what is is serving you in a special way and by a particular fondness of the heavenly father. He will be blessed forever in all our miseries and all our sufferings. Bless him in all that makes you suffer here below and be glad, because each victory that is achieved is a new Crown Paradise. Not stop you or frighten you violence we must ask, because the Lord is faithful and will not allow that temptation can beat you.

We noticed that with so much confidence Padre Pio advises Raffaelina. He encourages her to face hard suffering with hope and encouragement by securing that their suffering and fights are worth and that the prize is ensured as well in paradise. How could Father Pio speak so with so much security? It seems to me that Padre Pio speaks not only based on the profound faith that he had but also because of his experience of God. Padre Pio is bearing witness to what he has seen of God.

Then, if we believe in the testimony of Padre Pio and if we want success and progress in this new year we need to clarify that the primary goal is a union more aware and closely with Jesus and nothing else. This is done by daily decisions in favour of the Kingdom of God. Everything we find and we make, can be a hindrance to this or a means to facilitate this. Our decision at the time determines which meaning and purpose are plotting in our hearts. We will know if we had chosen well if as a result of our decision to the heart rejoices. Living well in victory, and victory is to live in gratitude and hope more each year and is our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. In reality this joy or jubilation giving shocks to the heart is a taste our future with God. He encourages us to seek out and pursue the Lord in every event during each day of the year.

“Let’s get to work”!

Your servant in Christ,

Fray Guillermo Trauba, OFM Cap.

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