Beginning this Easter, the group Amig@s de los Capuchinos in the USA share with us a small bulletin that they made last year on the occasion of the Lenten visit of our brothers. Fr. David and Fr. Javier
We appreciate their friendship and all the support they give us. The Lord give you peace.

Here the text:

   OLA Raises $61,405 for N.Mexico Missions.

Fr. David and Br. Javier say muchas gracias¡¡

Our capuchin Nothern Mexico friars visited OLA, preachil at all wekend Masses hosting a 1-Day Mission Update, joining our Fiesta Fantastico after Mass celebrations, and speaking with all school and SoR children. Our 40+ Mexico Capuchins will benefit from the 2019 OLA $ donations that support the seminarians and friars who shine Christ’s light midst the dire poverty, drug violence, alcoholism/diabetes of the Mexican people.


Pray the Our Father
Daily for the safety of N.México Capuchins


Fast Trough Lent to feed our N. México hungry neighbors.


Give generaously at Lent To support N. México Capuchin vocations

Children hand-tie rosaries

OLA kids made 100 rosaries to send to N.México families

Fr. David speaks to OLA children

Over 500 students K-8th grade talked in church with Fr. David and Br. Javier

Br. Javier to be Ordained Aug. 4

Pray for Br. Javier as he begins his life as a Capuchin priest.

Milk for Our Missions 2019 raised $20,970

Parish                        $8,428
Single Donor           $7,250
School                       $3,478
School of Religion  $1,814

Beginning Ash Wednesday, OLA Parishioners, School and School of religion students collected coins and dollars for milk. Your fasting and praying raised nearly $21,000 to buy 10,500 gallons worth of 2 liter bags of powder milk thru Milk for our Missions”.

OLA raised $57,000 in the last 4 years for “Milk for our Missions”

OLA has been steadfast in our commitment to feed our neighbors in N. México with milk. A single Parish donor was so moved by the loving outreach of our N. México Capuchins, this year he donated $ 7,250 for milk. Our friars hand deliver powdered milk by hand, truck and horseback across N.Mexico to the Pima, Yaqui, Guarijio and Mayo tribes of indigenous people and native Mexican families.


Fr. Javier and our Mexico Capuchins created a new program called “Be a Cap”… Forming Capuchins for Missionary Life.

This Sponsors-a-seminarian fundraising effort will support the two dozen friars in formation in the novitiate and postulant and priestly Mexico convents of: Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León and Durang. How much is needed to cover the expenses of a friar in formation?

1 Month: $600, 6 Months = $3,600, 1 Year= $7250.

Checks mailed to “ Capuchin Franciscans, 1345 Cortez Avenue, Burlingame, California. “ Sponsor a Mexico Seminarian” in memo line.

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